‘Anagamania’ -25- 穴窯図:Anagama Project News latest (summer 2015)

– MINI_ANAGAMA WORKSHOP – for Intwernational Ceramics Festival in Wales
21st June ~ 5th July – Aberystwyth Art Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales

15 days workshop – the limited tickets for applicants can be booked [booking is ready now with the officials of the Festival] and the fee of £500 includes the main festival fees for the last weekend [4th & 5th July].

I have designed a mini-anagama, one of smallest but still serious and proper anagama. I will be building it for all wood-fire enthusiasts. It will be a modified version of my latest amagama Moby with mediæval features (completed 2014). I may add a few extra features, such as pyrometers and side-stoking holes, just in case of needing them for participant’s anagama.
The workshop will be very much intensive in 2 weeks. But all participants will be able to learn most important skills, including building anagama without spending a big budget, potting with traditional methods and a wood-firing for 4 days in a newly built anagama. So after this workshop, everyone should be able to build their own mini-anagama by themselves and enjoy own anagama wood-firings in the near future.
The objective of my workshop is passing my knowledge on Japanese Mediæval pottery to wood-fire enthusiasts through my lectures and workshop at the festival.

The application details for the workshop has been announced by the official of International Ceramics Festival. Please check the details (also accommodation info.).
You can find the same information with some diagrams and photos on my website and Facebook. Anagama Web and Facebook

About Gas

Hi, I am a wood-fire potter, living and working in the Japanese tradition in Tring, Hertfordshire (UK). Following mediaeval potter's wisdom, I design and build simple wood-fired kilns called 'anagama' for long period of firing and 'raku-gama' for quick (glazed tea bowl) firing. My anagama firing usually takes 9 - 10 days.
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2 Responses to ‘Anagamania’ -25- 穴窯図:Anagama Project News latest (summer 2015)

  1. Eduardo Garavaglia says:

    Vengo siguiendo a través de la Weeb (lamentablemente, pues cuanto más desearía hacerlo personalmente) tus ballenas de fuego. Estoy en la Argentina radicado en la provincia de Misiones de clima subtropical, con mucha madera y tierras lateriticas. Hasta hace un año vivía en la ciudad, me vine a esta tierra para cumplir el sueño de construir un anagama. Ahora estoy terminando el taller y muy pronto antes que pase este año espero concretar la construcción del horno. Un abrazo fuerte Gas y mi aprecio.

  2. Hi, Eduardo – Many thanks for your comment and wish you all the best of luck with your Anagama. (Gas)

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